Kristi Maxwell, LPC, CCATP

Tennessee Licensed Professional Counselor #4305

Kristi holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Central Oklahoma and a master’s of science degree in Psychological Services from East Central University. With over ten years of experience in a clinical setting, Kristi holds a professional counseling license in Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Through animal-assisted therapy and psychotherapy, Kristi utilizes a mindful approach to explore the authentic self and create awareness in thought patterns and behaviors. She places value on complete wellness for the mind & body while identifying the importance of self care. Utilizing science-based techniques that are proven to rewire the brain, she works to help you disrupt negative patterns of anxiety, depression, panic and others. Kristi works with you to improve mood and strengthen connections within yourself and those around you so that you may create a more meaningful, fulfilled life.

Kristi offers Animal-Assisted Therapy with her lovable, certified canine, Thor. His non-judgmental & calming nature increases the effects of therapy, including: reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, heightened emotional awareness, increased levels of oxytocin and decreased levels of cortisol. Thor also offers a non-verbal avenue for expression and processing, and aids in teaching mindful behavior techniques to children.

Thor and Kristi love working with others to help them find a

higher sense of hope and healing.

Licensed Professional Counselor
Animal-Assisted Therapist
Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Provider