Kristi Maxwell, MA
Resident in Counseling

 Kristi holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master’s of Science degree in Psychological Services from East Central University.  With over ten years of experience in a clinical setting, Kristi holds a professional counseling license in Oklahoma and is currently working as a Resident of Counseling while pursuing her reciprocity license in Tennessee.

Kristi enjoys working with children, adolescents and adults.  She has worked extensively with children and families in the past on issues related to: disruptive behaviors, custody, trauma, abuse, adjustment, grief, and others.  Kristi has a passion in working with young people and understands the developmental importance of needs being met during this early stage of life. 

Kristi is working towards certification in Canine Assisted Therapy.  She believes Therapy Dogs can enhance client’s social, emotional and cognitive functioning in many ways, including:  increasing communication skills, reducing stress/anxiety, enhancing mindfulness, increased emotional awareness, increased self-esteem, trust, etc.

Kristi utilizes a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach tailored to each client’s individual needs.  Kristi has a wide array of therapeutic tools in her tool box and enjoys thinking outside of the box for the exhausted client who has tried the traditional methods.  Kristi has a passion in working with clients on mindfulness and assisting them while they align themselves so that they may work through problems with more clarity and ease.  She believes that mindful awareness creates a space for change.  Kristi believes in the concept of True Nature in that each one of us are valuable, worthy and fundamentally good.  She is ready to guide you to hope, healing and a higher understanding and acceptance of yourself.

​​Resident in Counseling